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Packages and Pricing

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Budget Package
$ 199
One-Time Fee
  • 5 Pano Virtual Tour
  • 3 Still Photos
  • Customer Page


Complete Package for Small Shops
$ 299
One-Time Fee
  • 10 Pano Virtual Tour
  • 5 Still Photos
  • Customer Page w/ Write-Up
  • QR Code


Double the Panos
$ 399
One-Time Fee
  • 20 Pano Virtual Tour
  • 8 Still Photos
  • Customer Page w/ Write-Up
  • QR Code
  • Add Panos $12 each


$ 599
One-Time Fee
  • 40 Pano Virtual Tour
  • 10 Still Photos
  • Customer Page w/ Write-Up
  • QR Code
  • Add Panos $10 each
  • Captions for Major Areas

virtual tour

Virtual Tours posted to Google My Business Listing and Google Maps.
A "pano" is one camera location. Imagine one place in your business where a person stands still and looks around in all directions.

still photos

We shoot 24-MP stills and prefessionally edit and color-correct them. Then we embed them with geo-location data and keyword tags to make searchable by Google and other search engines.

customer page

Each customer gets their own page on this website. On the page you'll find your tour, photos and instructions on using them. We also place a write-up and links to your GMB and website to boost your SEO. We post it all to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

QR code

Customers gets a QR code in PDF form to be used in your print media. It is linked directly to your Virtual Tour on Google Maps. Scan with you phone camera and the tour begins automatically.

zone map for travel fees

there are no travel fees for the green zone.  

travel map

no travel fees in the green zone.  just package price + sales tax.

add $150 to package price + sales tax

add $300 to package price + sales tax

roadshow travel fees are only $50...we'll be in your area soon

Sometimes it makes sense to invest in your own camera

We offer "Processing-only" Prices

Processing Only

Tour Build and Posting
$ 12
per pano (10 or fewer)
  • 11-25 panos $10 each
  • 26-100 panos $8 each
  • All Panos must be in the same tour
Buy a camera

do-it-Yourself Google 360 Virtual Tours

Some customers wish they could shoot their own panos.  Businesses like art galleries and auto and RV dealers have a high turnover of merchandise and want their tour to be as timely as possible. It can get expensive and complicated to have us come out every time.  Especially if you’re in a “travel-added” area.

However, only Google Trusted Photographers, using expensive third-party software can post 360 Business View virtual tours to Google products.

We came up with a way to make everyone happy.

You’ll need a camera like the Ricoh Theta V or the Insta360 OneX. ($350-$450).  You’ll also need a DropBox account (Free).

We’ll teach you how to shoot the panos properly then you download them to DropBox and send them to us.

We do the rest.  SVNM will connect the panos into a beautiful virtual tour and post them to the GMB listing you request.


Start a Business

If you’re in an area that doesn’t have a Google Trusted Photographer or the one you have isn’t getting the job done, consider starting a business yourself.

All you’ll need is a camera and a DropBox account.

You make the sale and shoot the panos, then we’ll do the rest.

We’ll connect the panos into a beautiful virtual tour and post it to Google.

Once the tour is up you charge your client whatever you think is appropriate.

Google Trusted Photographer

Business View Virtual Tour Pricing

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