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do i Need a virtual Tour? Yes.

Imagine having a tour like this embedded into your website or shared on your Facebook page.

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There are a lot of reasons You need A virtual tour

google Business View is the best way to show off What You're all about


“Do I need a virtual tour?”  There are a lot of reasons to consider a virtual tour.  First of all, you’ve worked hard creating a space that you’re proud of.  You’re sure that everyone who comes in will enjoy the experience.  However, these days, getting people to open that front door can be a challenge.  More often than not they’re only going to come in person after they’ve done their research online.  This is why your online appearance has to be just as impressive as your physical appearance.  You know the saying- “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”  These days, that first impression is being made on computers, tablets and phones. 

And 92.51% of the time those devices are using Google.

Boost Your Ranking in Local Search
"If businesses invested half as much effort into building their image profile on Google My Business as they did on add images to Facebook or Instagram, they'd be in much better positions." Marketing Expert Claire Carlile,
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The Internet Culture is Visual
"We exist in very visual internet culture where we curate images carefully in view of what we believe what they say about us both personally and professionally – why can’t we extend the same careful curation to our images on GMB?"...... Claire Carlile,
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Take Control of Your Photos Tab
"...some industries are unlikely to get customer photos uploaded, and for these industries the importance of regular uploading of good quality owner photos is magnified manyfold.”...Claire Carlile,
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More Photos = 1,065% More Clicks
"The research found that businesses with more than 100 images on GMB get 520% more calls, 2717% more direction requests, and 1,065% more website clicks than the average business." Claire Carlile,
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Your GMB Listing is Incomplete Without a Virtual Tour
"Information found only in complete listings would have a positive impact on consumers’ likelihood to use a business"
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It's Much More Than Just a Fancy Gimmick

10 Reasons
Your Business Needs a virtual tour on your Google My Business (gMB) listing

Do you need a virtual tour?  You worked hard to give your business a look and feel that represents the specific character you’re trying to convey.  When customers are offered a virtual tour through Google Search they can .  It’s the same experience as walking through your front door.  People like to feel familiar with places they’re going to visit.  With a virtual tour they are going

to feel like they’ve been there before and know you well- on their very first visit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to how good your business looks to search engines.  The longer people spend viewing your listing the better you look to the algorithms that determine rankings.  Having a virtual tour more than doubles the time people spend browsing your listing.   Another factor is “User Experience”, so having a Virtual Tour and high-quality photos are an enormous help in both of these areas. adds another level of features to boost your brand even more.  Every client gets their own Customer Page on our website.  The page contains a write-up about the business, an embed of the virtual tour, a photo gallery and links to their GMB listing and company website.  These act as “backlinks” which are the best way to build Domain Authority and Rankings.  Finally, we post it all to our social media profiles.  These “citations” are crucial to the overall SEO score.

Prospective customers and clients are tired of businesses only showing “their good side”.  When you offer a virtual tour you are asking these people to take a private tour of your entire space.  You’re saying that you’re proud to show them a 360-degree view of  what the place is really like.  This transparency and the overall 360 experience build your brand appeal, increase your perceived credibility and juice your “Coolness Index.”

Google Study concluded that “listings with photos and virtual tours were TWICE as likely to generate interest.”  That’s a 100% increase in interest because real people have been drawn into your listing by your quality content.  Visitors spend a lot more time on these listings.  Visitor’s “time spent” is an indicator of a listing’s relevance to Google, thus boosting the listing’s search ranking.

Well, not just young people, but anyone who wants to get the most out of modern technology.  The internet is a visual culture and businesses who understand that and optimize their visual elements draw more attention.

Google Maps has tons of features that let users save places, itineraries- even customized maps with “pinned” destinations and places of interest.  Many people research a place before they visit.  Potential visitors research a place before they even decide to visit.  They check out the restaurants to see where they’ll be eating.  Then, they browse the antique stores and art galleries, etc.  You get the picture.  Out-of-town prospects are also interested in hotels, retirement homes, real estate and any number of other goods and services.  Virtual Tours are the perfect way to show a place to one viewing from afar.

We give you a customer page and a User Manual to easily access and use your virtual tour and photos. Furthermore, you can find your Virtual Tour’s links and embed codes readily available on your GMB listing at anytime.  You can embed the tour into your website or into other 360 viewer networks.

There are no recurring fees.  Once you’ve paid for your tour it’s yours to use as you wish and it’s hosted on Google for free.  Because there are no recurring fees,  the price-per-click goes down with every click.  On average our customers have paid 7/100ths of a cent per click after one year.  There is absolutely no better return on investment in the digital marketing universe.

One of the drawbacks of GMB listings is that ANYONE can post photos to your listing.  That’s ok if the photos are good, but that’s not always the case.  There is a reporting process to try to have them removed but if the photo is not obviously objectionable then Google won’t always approve their removal.  The best way to deal with this is to have plenty of high-quality photos on your listing.  Google automatically posts the best photos and 360 photos higher on the list.  This pushes the poorer quality shots to the bottom where they’re less likely to be seen.

“Is there a bar in the hotel?”
“Do you have tables with a window view?
“Is there a pool table?”
“How many lanes does your bowling alley have?  Is there a snack bar?”
These are they kinds of questions you’ll be answering less when your prospective customers can walk around a see for themselves just what your establishment has to offer.  Your employees will spend less time on the phone and more time assisting your guests.
Transparency Builds Trust
Virtual Tours let the public know that you have nothing to hide
Use It In Your Website
People Plan Their Vacations from Home
Visitors already have dinner plans before they get to town.

These are the most

Frequently Asked Questions

The shoot itself only takes 1-3 hours.  Processing time can take up to 7 days.

Not necessarily.  Many businesses look more alive with some human activity occurring, but too many people can distract from the space.  We know how to find the right balance.  Most of the time our photographer shoots during business hours or asks the client to provide “extras” to act as customers.  Some locations, like art galleries look better when they are shot without people.  We would be happy to discuss what’s best for you.

Yes you can and you should!  Not only is a very cool addition to your site, it will increase the time visitors spend there which boosts your Domain Authority (SEO).  We give you easy-to-understand instructions in the User Manual.

Yes.  You can post to Twitter as well.  We post the tour to both platforms under our account, but you can post them under your accounts as well.  We give you easy-to-follow instructions.

If this is the case,  you should consider updating your tour.  We have many customers who update their tours regularly.  We’ve even got on a program which allows businesses to buy a camera, shoot their own panos and then we’ll do the post-production and posting.  To see “Processing Only” information click here.

No.  You pay once, then you own it.  Some customers choose to update their tours on a regular basis, due to inventory changes or remodeling.  We offer discounts in these cases.  Check out the prices at the here page for more information.

Absolutely.  There are additional fees, however.  We need to cover our travel expenses, after all.  However, we regularly do roadshows.   When we do roadshows our travel fees are only $50.  Check our fee map to see how much it will cost for us to come to your area on your schedule.

Any business with a verified GMB business listing is eligible for a virtual tour.  Our most common customers are… 

  1.  Hotels and Retirement Homes-  customers of these businesses often need to do their research from afar.  Also, the rooms in these facilities are often too small to photograph effectively with traditional photography.
  1. Art Galleries and Boutiques- The wares in these establishments are unique and unpredictable.  Virtual Tours are a great way to show the character of these places.
  1. Restaurants and bars-  They vary a lot from place to place and people like to get a feel for where they’re heading.
  1. Showrooms- Like hot tub dealers, car and RV dealers, and Interior Design showrooms.  The experience in these places is largely about wandering around- why not do that digitally.  Also, customers of these kind of establishments are often traveling from far away and plan to spend a lot of money.  They are highly likely to do significant digital research before  showing up in person.
  1. RV Parks and campgrounds- Where a family spends vacation time is a big decision.  Give them every reason to choose you.

if you have a question we haven't answered contact us here. we'll get back to shortly.

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